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The story is actually about Social Network *Applications* like Spoke, Friendster, LinkedIn, etc.  The author called me a few months ago and was mostly interested in the privacy issues around these web tools.  When I started talking about social network *analysis* and *visualization*, he quickly lost interest.

Yes, I have run into many SNA newbies recently who think Milgram or Gladwell or Watts or Barabasi started this field.  Rob Cross has an 'SNA in business' book coming out very soon that notes/references/cites the landmark articles/research in this field -- prior to this century.



---- David Krackhardt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>  I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but Business 2.0 (a monthly
> magazine about IT and web stuff in general) has just declared that Social
> Network Analysis is the winner among all the various contenders for the
> title of  "Best New Technology of 2003".  Runner ups include 64-bit chips,
> micro harddrives, and Voice Over Internet Protocols.  In the center of the
> fold out page containing the article about SNA there is a network picture
> containing non other than Stan Wasserman’s smiling face.  Indeed, his is
> the best  picture of the bunch (Kevin Bacon, Duncan Watts, and Stanly
> Milgram all look rather dour in comparison).
> The story and the picture leave one with the impression that Milgram was
> the founder, at least inspirationally, for the whole field.  But, I guess
> no short historical take is perfect.  Lin, when is your book coming out? [SNIP]

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