Hi everyone,
The deadline for the dues is soon approaching and so I wanted to let you guys know when and where to find us.  Both THIS Friday and THIS coming Monday, you can catch either me and/or Miral Patel (our treasurer) on the third floor of the Marston Science Library.  If you have never been in there, walk in, go to the right, turn right to go up the stairs.  Once you are on the next florr, go out and turn left.  As soon as you pass the elevators, turn left again and walk around the corner and we will try to get a table in that area.  (and we will put up a little sign on the table that says HOSA for those of you who do not know what we look like. 
The dues are $18.25 (and please try to bring a quarter so we dont have to go through the hassle of getting change).
Remember, NONE of this money goes to us.  It is all to register for State and National HOSA.  Especially if you are planning to compete or judge, then you MUST pay these.  Otherwise, this year the dues are not mandatory.  But remember that if you wish to participate in conferences then you have to be a registered member. 
See you all within the next few days!
~Neesha Patel

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