Hey Everyone!
Well, tomorrow is the last day that either Miral or I can be available to collect dues.  I will be on the 3rd floor of Marston from around 9:30-12:00pm.  I don't have a HOSA sign to put at the table, but I think I'll be wearing a long sleeve red shirt with black stripes (I'm hoping its cold tomorrow :).  It might be easier for you to call me at 386-697-6116 and letting me know you are on the 3rd floor and i will come get you guys.  If you can't meet me at that time, then Miral will be available after 2pm, but she is not going to be in the library so you will need to call her to find a place to meet.  Her number is 352-281-0113.  If she doesn't answer while she is in class, leave her a mssg (with a phone number) so she can call you back and find a place to meet everyone.  Okay, well, hope to see the rest of you tomorrow because I know that there are many more of you that want to pay, but still haven't gotten around to it!!!!

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