I was just hired as the Coordinator of the new Teaching and Learning Center
at Dominican University. Our learning center is still in its formative
stages, and I'm charged with the task of getting systems up and running
(with the help of a very supportive staff, thankfully!)--hopefully by the
end of January.

One of my concerns is finding an appropriate software program to help me
track important records and statistics. I've starting researching AccuTrack,
TutorTrac, and other programs designed specifically for learning centers.
I'm interested in finding out what you use at your center and what you would
recommend to me. Our center will have only eight or nine computers (one of
which I'm hoping to delegate as "the tracker," to be used only for that
purpose), and it will be situated in one large classroom.

Unfortunately, we have no budget for software, so I may need to write a
grant and will have to start small. I don't think we'll need the software on
every computer, just "the tracker" computer, and the easier the program is
to use, the better for me. I don't want to spend a ton of time figuring out
how to use it. (I noticed that the basic version of AccuTrack is only
$400-ish, but it looks a bit complicated to use.)

If you have suggestions either about good (inexpensive) tracking software
and/or possible avenues for funding, I'd really appreciate it.


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