I am a graduate student trying to gather information for a class project
with regard to developing a simple empirical theory of a particular process.
I'd like to gear my research in the field of education.  Education is such a
broad topic so I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me narrow my scope
within the educational arena.

My assignment is to develop an empirical theory (data should be readily
available in conventional sources such as the Statistical Abstract of the
U.S., The Census, or any meaningful units of analysis) and be able to
explain why I think my hypothesis is true.  Thus, I need a theory!  Here
lies my dilemma.  I would love to address an educational theory and conduct
my assignment along this path.

I will need to obtain the necessary data and use an analytical scheme
involving a measure of association and a test of statistical significance
appropriate for the data.  Operational definitions of all relevant variables
should be clearly specified.  Can anyone help?  I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


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