Gutierrez, Kathy wrote:

snip, snip
 I am about ready to chuck the whole thing and make our IT
>department buy us AccuTrack, which is the only one I have seen, or
>TutorTrack, which I hear is also very good.

At our small liberal arts college with a very active Writing Center and
tutoring program, we're in the third year of using TutorTrac, and are
quite satisfied.  It is web-based, meaning access from any computer, so
that computers in our common area can be used for scheduling or for
checking appointments or for logging in/out. That, along with early
(and since then corroborated) reports of quick and helpful responses
from its programmer, made us initially buy TutorTrac over Accutrack.

>Designate one computer as your attendance computer and place it where
>the students enter.  We use a bar code reader with the students' ID

As an example of how our system is tailored to our needs, we have our
65+ tutors and writing consultants (all peers) log their sessions in
and out.  We then design questions for them to answer about the session
for our data and assessment purposes.  And we had the demographic data
dumped into the system at the beginning of the academic year so that
each student already has an account, and we can retrieve data from
Banner in our reporting.

> Works great, when the server isn't down!!!

We had problems with our server that we thought were perhaps b/c of
TutorTrac but finally when some new IT tech told us we shouldn't have
had Windows 98 as the operating system, we forced IT to install it, and
put in more RAM.  Since then, our "server on steroids" has not crashed
once. Kelly Corder, the programmer, told us long ago he thought
something was up with our server; he was right.  TutorTrac has helped
us overcome any deficiencies that our IT dep't. has, by being our
computer guide on the side.  Kelly is Mr. Patience, I'll tell you.

>I must say that at
>this point, 95% of the problems we have are caused by internal IT
>problems.  I am told that if the program was hooked to a local server,
>it would not be down so often.

We got our server (which our IT sold us) put in our area soon after we
bought it, so we could deal with any upgrades, etc.  Best move we ever

The TutorTrac website has lots of info about all the different users.
Check it out.

susie robertshaw

Susie Robertshaw
tutor coordinator,Johnson Student
Resource Center
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL 32789
407 646-2652, fax: 407 646-2245
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