Kenneth W. Gattis
Director, Academic Services
118 Parker Building
Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33314
(954) 262-8403 or (800) 338-4723, ext. 8403
Does anyone employee your school's instructors as part-time tutors?

At Nova Southeastern University, we sometimes do hire adjunct instructors as
part-time tutors, particularly in writing.  Also, individuals have been hired
as adjuncts after they began working as tutors.  To avoid conflicts, we
instituted a policy that instructors are not allowed to tutor their own
students.  Our problem is that we are being urged to adopt a policy of not
hiring instructors as tutors.  I was wondering if this issue has come up at
your institution.

We would like to have the flexibility of continuing to use adjuncts as
needed, especially in writing.  (I am a big advocate of peer tutoring, and
use it whenever it is appropriate and possible.)  Obviously if we have to let
tutors go, it causes a short-term problem, but there are other reasons for
keeping the adjunct instructors as tutors.  Adjuncts give us direct access to
information on departmental directives regarding writing courses and shared
information from other writing instructors.  In addition, the additional
hours an adjunct receives in tutoring can provide incentives for the adjunct
to continue to work with our institution instead of seeking more of a
full-time job.

Most importantly, however, we are opposed to the change because it ties our
hands, and we see no good reason for the new policy.  Has anyone had to deal
with this issue?

Ken Gattis

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