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On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Bill Richards wrote:

> Jordi Comas ([log in to unmask]) wrote: What do people recommend in
> terms of software and techniques for combining several matrices of the
> same nodes, but diffrent relations?  UCIENT seems designed to only
> analyze one matrix at a time.  I have data on networks of 32 nodes, with
> valued, directed data on three relationships (information flows, advice,
> and freindship).  I want to explore overlapping strong relationships, or
> the lack of them, as well as relationship overlap in various subgroups.

UCINET does have several tricks for combining graphs in various ways
(although I didn't know about some of them until Steve pointed them out!).
The sna package for R has a fair number of graph comparison routines, if
that's more your interest.  These can be used to handle large numbers of
graphs at once...Joy Pixley and I analyzed one data set which contained
around 1500 networks, for instance.  I'm not sure about JUNG, or some of
the other tools which are out there....

Hope that helps,


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