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Hello everyone,

I would like to generate a random network, with a similar number of ndoes
and connection to the network I have created from field data, to compare the
distance and clustering co-efficient of each. Not unlike the the method in

My network created from field data has no isolated nodes. However, when I
ask Pajek to create a network with the same number of nodes and connections
I get plenty of isolates, which apparently will not make a valid clustering
co-efficient or distance comparison.

Andrew Shipilov kindly suggested to my that it is possible to generate
distance and clustering coefficients purely from knowing the number of nodes
and connections I wish to use, although I am having trouble tracking down
this method.

Can anyone suggest a way of either generating a random network with a
specified number of nodes and connections that has no isolates or doing the
above calculation ?

Many thanks,
Vaughan Bell

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