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I am interested in using network analysis to help understand the
complexities of making resource management decisions in communities where
there are significant numbers of indigenous people. Often in these
communities, control is primarily with the non-indigenous community. I am
particularly interested in the difficulties non-indigenous people have in
understanding the value system of indigenous people.

Are you aware of any studies that involve the use of network theory with
indigenous communities? Thank you very much for any assistance that you are
able to offer.


 Lorraine Bates
 Regional Geographer
 Water Security and Sustainable Communities
 CSIRO Land and Water         Email:  [log in to unmask]
 Private Bag No 5             Phone:  +61-8-9333 6323
 Wembley  WA  6913            Fax:    +61-8-9333 6211
 Australia                    Web:

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