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"I like to unsubscribe [log in to unmask] with my current e-mail account and subscribe with different account. Would you please let me know how to do this process? Thank you very much!!"

If you go to the INSNA web site ( you will see
"SOCNET" under the rotating network. Click on that and you will see the
page that explains SOCNET in some detail. Alternatively, go directly to

It explains the following:

-- how to join SOCNET
-- how to change your address with SOCNET
-- how to send a message to all SOCNET subscribers
-- how to use the web interface for SOCNET
-- how to permanently remove yourself from SOCNET
-- how to see who else is subscribed to SOCNET
-- how to switch to Digest format if getting too many messages from the
1300+ people who use SOCNET
-- where to write to make changes in the way you are subscribed to SOCNET

When you respond to a message someone else has sent to SOCNET, please DO
NOT include their entire posting to your reply, especially if their
posting was within the last week or so. We already have their posting in
our inboxes and don't want to wade through additional copies of it. If
you feel it is important that you include parts of the message you are
responding to, please include only those parts.

If you use the "Reply" function on your email program, you are probably
including the entire item that you are replying to. Please don't do
this. See the previous paragraph.

Please send material to SOCNET in text only. Don't send it in HTML.
Sending it in HTML makes your posting more than ten times as long. We
don't want to wade through the HTML code that accompanies your posting
when you do this.

Whatever you do, please DON'T send requests to change your address or to
leave the list to [log in to unmask] Anything you send to this
address goes to more than 1,300 people who subscribe to SOCNET. They can
not act upon your request and they may send unhappy replies to you.
Requests sent to the address described on will  be received by the
LISTSERV software and will be acted upon.


SOCNET is a service of INSNA, the professional association for social
network researchers ( To unsubscribe, send
an email message to [log in to unmask] containing the line
UNSUBSCRIBE SOCNET in the body of the message.