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Unfortunately SNA methods do not work well in analyzing the power grid.  Electricity flows MUCH differently than info/knowledge/influence flow through social networks.  For instance, power flows OFTEN do not follow the geodesics, and POWER may be broken up[at various nodes] to travel along several paths, and need to balance network inputs/outputs...  We may find a node of high betweenness[or some other metric] in the grid topology and then discover that very little electrcity actually passes through it.


---- Rick Davies <[log in to unmask]>
> Have list members read the recent Sci American article on power blackouts in
> the USA? It makes a number of interesting observations about the downsides
> of excess connectivity in power webs, and how the solution (i.e how to avoid
> blackouts) may be via reducing the amount of connectivity, and the creation
> of islands of connectedness.

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