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I am working on a small java program for drawing valued undirectional
graphs/networks while it calculates some network indices. However, I
cannot find a suitable algorithm for calculating geodesics and
diameters. I could, I guess, calculate the geodesic by dichotomizing the
matrix and calculating the power matrices until all the blanks are
filled in (Shimbel-style) - but is that the best algorithm for
calculating the geodesic? And what algorithms are available for
calculating diameters? All I can think of is a recursive n2-iterative
djikstra solution!

I currently store the network as a graph (nodes as objects and edges as
objects referring to two node-objects) but I would prefer to calculate
geodesics and diameters from sociomatrices (which poses problems with
using the djikstra, right?)

Thanks for any advice!


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