I had to go over to the East Coast of Florida from Naples today so I
decided I would check-in on the anis at the Ft. Lauderdale International
Airport on Perimeter Rd. I found one Smooth-billed Ani that had a bum
foot walking (or limping) along the north side of Perimeter Road. After
entering Perimeter Rd. from Griffin Rd., head west until you come to the
first pull-out on your left -- about 1/3 of a mile. Directly across
Perimeter Rd. from this pull-out was the ani trying to find things to eat
under the hedges along the airport fence.

Given the dwindling number of Smooth-billed Anis in the state, someone
needs to capture this bird and take it to an avian rehab center or else I
fear for the worse. I do not own a cellphone so I couldn't call anyone
today, not that I would have known who or what agency to call in Broward
County anyway.

Could someone who lives nearby call an avian rehab center? I'm positive
that this bird could easily be captured. It didn't look in the best of
shape. . . .


Vincent Lucas

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