Yesterday morning, Wally George and Russ Macgregor found an adult
BLUE-WINGED WARBLER in large wintering flock at TY Park in Broward
County. According to Wally, this is only the second wintering Blue-
winged he has seen in South Florida in 30 some years.

So, this morning Raul and I went there early and, sure enough, we
relocated the bird easily. Other birds in the large flock that the
bird was feeding with included 2+ Black-throated Green, Pine, Black-
and-white, Prairie, Palm , Yellow-throated Warbler, lots of Blue-
gray Gnatcatchers and 2+ Blueheaded Vireos.

To get to TY Park, take the Sheridan exit west off I-95 to Park Rd,
turn north and park entrance will be on the east side of the road.
After passing the booth, turn right and park in the first available
spot. The flock was feeding in the oaks between the booth and about
300ft northeast of it, mostly at the edge of the lake.

It would be great if somebody could take a picture of the bird to
document the record.

Stefan Schlick
Coconut Creek

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