Hello, Again.

The rain continued in earnest as I drove north toward
Titusville but the entire sky cleared right as I
approached the exit. Yippee!

Headed to Black Point. Stopped by the boat ramp area
as I mentioned earlier to check out the 100 Black
Skimmers resting with a few Ring-billed Gulls. Then
the idiots in the van drove through them with glee.

Moved over to the waters edge and snapped some shots
of the following:

Ruddy Turnstones: 20
Boat Tailed Grackels: Many
Piping Plovers: 2
Gulls: 30
Short-Billed Dowitchers (L, at least verified): 20
Black Bellied Plover: 1
Brown Pelican: 1

On the way to the Drive:

Kingfisher: 5
White Pelican: 15
Osprey: 6

On the Drive:

Texans driving THE WRONG WAY!: 2
Tri-Colored Herons: 6
Blue Heron: 4
Great Blue Heron: 5
Great Egret: 3
Ringnecks: lots
Blue Winged Teal: lots
Coots: LOTS!
White Pelican: 3
Pie-billed Grebe: lots
Palm warblers: 6
Sav. Sparrows: 8
Moorhen: 10
Mottled Duck: 8
Reddish Egret: 2
White Ibis: 9
Northern Shovelers: 20ish
Northern Pintail (L): Several, couldn't get good count
form the distance and excitement. I need a scope!
Northern Harrier: 2, 1 diving for fish while the other
swooped into flocks of Blue-Wing Teal
Spoonbill: 3
Merganzer silhouettes (L): 3. Red Breasted, perhaps?
2nd-3rd year Bald Eagle: 1
Gators: 3
Armadillo: 2

All in all, a great day. 5 Lifers and the best looks I
have had at Skimmers in a long, long time. The rain
started again by the time I got back to Orlando but we
need it.

Now, if someone could direct me to a near by Avocet, I
would be much obliged.

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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