Ft. Clinch---

Today on the wall at Ft. Clinch there were two (2) PURPLE SANDPIPERS hanging out with about 80-90 RUDDY TURNSTONES in different flocks.  Also present was a rock-hopping RED KNOT.  The only larids of note on the beach were two BONAPARTE'S GULLS.  A single COMMON LOON and seven RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were slightly offshore.

Ft. Clinch 12/09 "Pier-lagic"

Black Scoters--70-80
Possible Surf Scoters--4
Red-breasted Mergansers--25
Northern Gannet--40
Common Loon--2

The other bird of note was an AMERICAN PIPIT on the beach near the fort.

12/9 Ralph Simmons Forest---

Ten (10) AMERICAN ROBINS and two (2) CEDAR WAXWINGS were present in a random grove of cypress in the middle of a field.  These were the first robins i've seen since I left Illinois nearly six months ago(!)

Justin Rink
Amelia Island USDA zn. 9A
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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Willet Tidbit--- The Willets that we have roaming our beaches now are all Western Willets from the northern Great Plains.  The eastern race Willets will not be back until March or April. No eastern Willets have been seen in the U.S. in mid-October.  The western race has a more burry voice, where with the easterns it is much more clear and whistled.  So technically the Willet is not a permenent resident.   "Pill-will-Willet!"

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