I reported having seen a banded Snowy Plover at Tigertail Beach on Marco
Island (Collier County) on 29 November. I found out that this bird was
banded on Sanibel Island (Lee County). Here's the info:

>The bird you saw was one of ours from Sanibel.  Right leg Silver/Green, Left
>leg Red/Blue was banded one day after hatching on 6/24/03.  This is great to
>hear of it on Marco Island.  We have only recently been banding our birds
>here with the hope of getting info like this.  Thanks so much for keeping
>your eyes open.  Please contact me again if you have any other sightings. It
>is important for us to know where these birds are going in the winter as
>well.  Also if you continue to see this bird please send me an e-mail about
>it from time to time.

>Brad Smith
>Ecologist/Land Manager
>Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

The banded Piping Plover also seen at Tigertail Beach on the same day
probably cannot be traced as it only sported two metallic bands. At one
time, there were probably color-coated bands as well but these evidently
have "fallen off" from wear. . . .


Vincent Lucas

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