Hi Marvel,

I have Marvelous location for Barn Owls south of Clewiston.

I have had excellent success finding Barn Owls in the fall at this location
and have no reason to believe that they would vacate this roosting site
during the winter months.

Take US 27 south of Clewiston to Lake Harbor (water tower) and turn right
(west) on a paved road going a short way to a dirt road on your right in
Ritta. You will need to stay on the dirt road along the north side of the
Miami Canal (See DeLorme's Florida Gazeteer, pg. 107, Grid C 3). Off in the
distance you will see a large stand of Red Cedar trees. Drive to the trees
and park. Walk quietly up to the elevated dirt road in front of the stand
and immediately look into the Cedars where there are sometimes up to a dozen
owls roosting. They will begin to fly to the back of the stand upon your
arrival. A group of Black-crowned Night Herons also roost here. You may here
their squawks before you see them.

Paul Bithorn
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>Subject: [FLBIRDS] Barn Owls
>Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 12:00:36 EST
>Our birding group is looking for a reliable site for Barn Owls within a 120
>mile range from Winter Haven, FL or Central Florida.  Any information would
>greatly appreciated.
>Thank you
>Marvel Loftus
>Lake Region Audubon Bird Club
>Winter Haven, FL
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Enjoy the holiday season with great tips from MSN.

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