On 11/14 my associate Amber and I took a roadtrip to the Keys, Key West, and the Everglades.  We didn't see anything really unusual.  Some of the highlights included a BROAD-WINGED HAWK resting and screaming in a coconut palm at Bahia Honda S.P.  Western Palm Warblers were also present there, along with ubiquitous Zebra Longwing butterflies.  We also saw a few MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRDS on the way there as well.  On the way back to the mainland on Monday we probably saw 40+ MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRDS.
  In the Everglades I finally got my ABA area SHORT-TAILED HAWK on 11/15.  There were three dark morphs soaring with Turkey Vultures above the turnout at West Lake about halfway to Flamingo.  At Flamingo we also saw what could have been a possible 2nd generation Wurdemann's Heron, or a Great White and Great Blue heron "integrate."
  At Eco Pond we had three flyover ROSEATE SPOONBILLS.  However, when we returned back to Nassau County on the 16th, there were five more at Oyster Bay than we saw in the Everglades!  We probably would have sighted more in the 'glades had we gone to Paurotis Pond.  Amber probably picked up about 15 new birds.  Though it wasn't primarily a birding trip, we both had a very good time.

11/21-- Nassau Co.-- A ranch yard near Ralph E. Simmons State Forest was host to 53 EASTERN MEADOWLARKS and 10 NORTHERN FLICKERS.  A flock of about 300-350 AMERICAN ROBINS was sighted on the side of C.R. 108 as they bathed in a large tire rut.

Good birding

Justin Rink
Amelia Island USDA zn. 9A
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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"Merry Finchmas and a Happy New Veer"

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