Hummingbird bander Fred Bassett made an effort to band Gainesville's
Broad-billed Hummingbird this morning. According to the two birders most
familiar with the Broad-billed, it did not put in an appearance all day.
However Mr. Bassett did capture and band an adult female Calliope
Hummingbird, the first ever recorded in Alachua County. He marked it with a
pink dot on its forehead so it could be easily identified if seen again.

Some birders have speculated that the Broad-billed and the Calliope are in
fact the same bird. For what it's worth, when Mr. Bassett removed the
Calliope from the cage this morning, I saw no trace of the Broad-billed's
characteristic face pattern.

Yesterday Mr. Bassett banded two Rufous Hummingbirds in Newberry and
another in Alachua, and this morning, in a Gainesville yard a mile from
where the Broad-billed has been showing up, he banded three more Rufous and
one Black-chinned.

Rex Rowan

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