Hello, All.

In mid-month, Dec. 18 was the last, Michael Chakan
For the last four days between 300 and 658 White
Pelicans have been on Lake Hollingsworth. It's an
absolute breath taking view especially when the sun is
shinning on their brilliant white feathers and it's a
great Kodak photo opportunity. They come right up to
shore so you can really get close to them.

Michael Chakan
Lakeland Fl.

Since we hit my parents last for Christmas, we found
our selves in Clearwater on the weekend and I figured
that on the way back to Orlando we might as well give
it a go.

Being 9 days after the last report I wasn't holding my
breath for 300+ Pelicans and since I haven't been in
Lakeland proper for a while I spent time focusing on
where the lake was. Smack dab in the middle of town,
it turns out!

Saw the lake through some buildings and noticed a lot
of white dots so we circled toward it. Once we got
there we found it pretty busy with locals and tourists
all around the lake. Spotted a White Pelican right
away but decided to circle and search for more.

When we got to the north shore there were about 30
near the beach and some floating but that was it.
people were busy trying to get photos of the pelicans,
swans, and Wood Storks that were milling about in the

I was there for the White Pelicans so I walked across
the street and stayed a bit back and got a few shots
of them. As I lowered my lens once, a family from
Spain walked between me and the birds, looked in my
direction and SAW I was shooitng and proceeded to
block my sight anyway and quickly managed to frighten
90% of the birds on that side of the lake. My urge to
make someone take a swim was almost overwhelming.

BUT...I headed back to the car and headed home. On the
way back to I-4 via 33 we passed a turnoff for Tomoka
State Park but kept driving as it was nearly dark. I
few hundred feet passed that I notice that there was a
small lake and about 100 White Pelicans on the water.
Since I haven't been there I don't know if this water
is part of Tomoka.

This was all Saturday afternoon. Got a good digital of
a swan and 2 pelicans. Waiting for my film roll to run
out to see how those worked. I am desparately trying
to get a basic photo site set up soon.

Thanks for the tip Michael! Best shots I have ever had
at the White Pelicans.

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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