I would like to thank Marianne for her very informative post about the
Mottled X feral Mallard situation.  However, I have to wonder about the

 >Mottled-looking ducks with curled upper
 >tail coverts are relegated to the "female Mallard/hybrid" category.

To the best of my understanding, any Mallard or Mottled/Mallard hybrid with
curled upper tail coverts should be a male.  The two "Mottled" ducks with
this character that I have seen this season have both been males, based on
bill color.

 >And while we are on this subject, does anyone want to comment on whether or
 >not there are any "pure" Mallards in Florida?

Mallards from the "wild, migratory" population were regular, but declining
winter visitors to St. Marks NWR back when I lived in Tallahassee.  Perhaps
some locals from that area might chime in.  Were any Mallards found on this
year's CBC?

Oh well!  Guess we'll just have to get used to apartment ducks and
apartment geese. :-)

Noel Wamer
Jacksonville, FL

Noel Wamer
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