Hi everybody,

This past Friday I reported one Black Scoter off Fort Myers Beach in gulf
waters.  Now, its two as my friend Penny Wilbur and I discovered.  They are in
the same vicinity as the one I saw on Friday, namely opposite the Cresciente
condo.  To see the Scoters, go to the Holiday Inn at the South end of Estero
Island.  From the Inn, walk out to the beach and turn left (south).  Start
scanning the waters right away because they could be anywhere in that vicinity.

Penny and I were indeed lucky because not only did we see the two Scoters,
but also four Bald Eages that flew through the Lagoon area.  I think that's the
most Bald Eagles I've seen at one time (never been to Alaska).  On the gulf, 5
dolphins kept us entertained as they breached and played in the chop.

The Red Knots that  I saw on Friday along the beach were not present, but
there were good numbers of shorebirds nonetheless with Short Billed Dowitchers
and Dunlin leading the group.  Good numbers of Semi-palmated Plover continued,
but we could not pull out Snowy nor Piping.  Even Wilson's Plover which were
visible on Friday were not seen by us today.  One Oystercatcher flew by us
headed North and then turned around and flew by us again headed South.  Big numbers
of Terns continued with Royals leading the pack, a few Sandwich and
Forster's.  Ruddy Turnstones were out in good numbers and a few Sanderling were in the
mix.  A windy and cool day at the beach highlighted by Penny's companionship.

Hope you go out to see the Scoters-they are very "gettable" being close to
shore and within binocular view although today we used Penny's scope and had
both in the same view:  one foreground and the other in back.  Good to see both
diving and eating.

Marie Gonsalo
Fort Myers

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