Hi guys!

It's become a Black Scoter convention out there!  Today, after the excellent
Caloosa Bird Club trip to Bunche Beach (Long Billed Curlew right where Brian
R. said it would be, to the left of the parking lot and perched F/imm Merlin)
and Lakes Park, a group of us that included Vince Lucas & Ken Klotz of Naples
and two other Caloosans who prefer to remain "off camera" wended our way,
somewhat wearily I admit, with two scopes to the Gulf and Fort Myers Beach.

Last Friday I had one female Black Scoter, Sunday with my friend Penny Wilbur
we had two female Black Scoters and today, farther out on the Gulf than they
previously had been, we had FOUR. Wow!  Two were sleeping (the newcomers?) and
two were diving.  Great scope views and this time around I did need a scope.
I picked them up in my binoculars but to the naked eye they were just little
black dots.

An adult Bald Eagle flying over the Gulf and the frolicking Dolphins added to
the scene.  For Vince it was his SWFL Black Scoter, Ken wasn't sure if he had
ever seen one, and for the two others, it was a life bird for both.  I am so
happy when people have a life bird from a bird I found.  So many people along
the way "gave" me life birds and now, I'm fortunate enough to pass it on.

If anybody can get out there, to document the Scoters with a photo it would
be great.
As before, the birds are almost directly opposite a pink condo called the
Cresciente which is just south of the Holiday Inn on Estero Island at Fort Myers
Beach.  They are on the Gulf and not in the Lagoons. (Directions to the
Holiday Inn in Pranty's book, "A Birder's Guide to Florida". Hope you get a chance
to see them.

Marie Gonsalo
Ft. Myers
p.s.  to make it perfectly clear, Vince L. had them in Florida before :)

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