> Would somebody be kind enough to tell me (on or offlist) how to >access
> records for a particular species of bird in North America.

  -- Marie Gonsalo


That's a pretty big request.  There are many sites that give particular
information about bird species, but no one site that I know of that gives
all information about any one species. Whole volumes have been written about
bird families (such as _The Icterids_,   by  Alvaro Jaramillo and Peter
Burke, for example).

You can start of with US Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, which can give you more information than u can be
assimilated easily.

Then the CBC records at Cornell tell us much about where a species of
birds have been found at the end of each December.  It takes a little
digging for whatever species you are looking for. Audubon has created a .pdf
file ( you have to download Adobe Reader 6.0) that is a work in itself in
telling you how to find information about the 103rd CBC:

There are other methods, also.  But it just shows the presence of a species
in a specific location, not all information about the species.

By now, you are catching on that there is a world of resources out there.  I
may be old-fashioned but I still love John K. Terres's Encyclopedia of North
American birds -- you just have to know that the taxonomy has changed since
it was published by Knopf in 1980 (mine is from the sixth printing in
December 1987), and so far as I know, it is out of  print.

If you can narrow your request to a particular species, there may be more
specific information forthcoming.  Or if anyone else wants to give it try,
be my guest!


Barbara Passmore
Valdosta GA

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