An additional note on this count was the discovery of a total of 8 Blue
Grosbeaks by Dave Powell, Brian and myself in adjacent fields on the last
new area checked for the day.


Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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> Subject: [FLBIRDS] Alafia Banks CBC Interesting Moments
> Hi all,
> On Sunday, 12/14, I joined Erik Haney, Steve Backus, David
> Powell, & Brian Ahern for the Alafia Banks CBC. Here are a few
> interesting tidbits about our day in the field:
> 1. The weather was so bad, that even though we were in the field
> before 6:30 AM, we did not see or hear a single passerine until
> 8:27 (yes, we had a pool going to see when we would actually get
> our first - I picked 8:30) AM, when I finally "pished" up a very
> wet Northern Mockingbird. This must be a dubious record for any
> Florida CBC.
> 2. David Powell forgot his binoculars and had to leave us to go
> back home and get them. Come on now, who hasn't done this before?
> Come on, 'fess up!
> 3. My poncho was doing a pretty good job of keeping me dry in the
> monsoon until a passing "local" vehicle sent a tidal wave up my
> pants as I stood on the side of the road.
> 4. After the weather improved, we found 9 Baltimore Orioles in
> the span of about an hour. That's gotta be some kind of record also!
> 5. A Lark Sparrow sat up on the phone lines twice for all of us
> to get killer looks. Why don't all sparrows realize that they are
> worth looking at?
> 6. We had an Orange-crowned Warbler well before we ever saw a
> Yellow-rumped Warbler. Oh don't we wish this was true all the time!
> 7. We had both Indigo & Painted Bunting in our party. While this
> happens I believe with some frequency on Florida's east coast,
> it's only the second time I can ever remember it happening in our
> party on the west coast
> Overall, a great start to the CBC Season. Good birding to all,
> and may all your counts break 150!
> --
> David Goodwin
> St. Petersburg
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> "Quick Hoatzin, the game's afoot!"

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