Hi all,

My computer has been "sick" since Sept 25 and I finally got it up and running
this past Friday.

Birding has been very strange this fall so far.  Last year by this time I had
a yard full of Chipping Sparrows and Am. Goldfinches, neither of which have
shown up at all.  And, of course, I had the wonderful Junco all winter who also
has not reappeared.  I have seen exactly one single Myrtle Warbler in my yard
though I have seen them other places.  My Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Eastern
Phoebe and Am. Kestrel have all returned.  With each "cold" spell I think my birds
will return but so far nothing.  Am I alone in this????

You may recall my telling you about the Red-bellied Woodpecker that raised 3
babies by himself this summer.  Well, sadly, the tree in which this brood and
many others had fledged from, blew over during one of our freaky wind storms
in late October.  The Red-bellies were all hanging around going to and from the
tree.  Since the tree is gone Ihave not seen the Red-bellies either.  I am
sure they are establishing territories elsewhere now.

It had been reported to me that possibly the male Bald Eagle from the nest
that I monitor had been electrocuted in late Sept.  I am also happy to report
the VO100 nest pair are alive, well, look good and are incubating!!!  They
raised one young last year after 2 years of nest failure.  Back on track.

I was so happy to see that the Lab Station road at Merritt Island is
reopened.  I spent 5 hours just on that road and along Route 3 and never made it to
Black Point Drive and still did manage to find 56 species.  My best find of the
day was a lovely male Painted Bunting.  Now, I need to do a run on BP and on
the other side of 406 to what I missed on Thursday.

Anyway,  I am still out here birding and banding.  I hope to find good things
to post about.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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