Hi everybody-

In the rain, late afternoon, 2 female Black Scoters at same location as I had
previously reported-4 buildings South of the Holiday Inn on Fort Myers Beach.
 Rain had stopped for a few minutes as I viewed these close in Scoters.
Beautifully muted scene in the overcast-barely rippled Gulf.

But first-slightly North of the Holiday Inn on the Beach, hundreds of birds
facing into the Eastern wind lined up as if for inspection as I walked past:
many, many Black Skimmers, many Royal Terns, just a couple of Sandwich and
Forster's, many, many Laughing Gulls, a few Ring-Billed and immature Herring.  No
Lesser black backed.  A couple of Gulls with heads tilted up into the rain.

Hundreds of Sanderlings along the shore-a big patch of Juveniles bathing in
Gulf side pools of water with the rain hammering down.  It IS fun swimming in
the rain.  A couple of Ruddy Turnstones, a couple of Willets, 5 Wilson's
Plovers, 2 or 3 Black Bellied Plovers, two Mottled Ducks swimming in the front
Lagoon with a frenzied Reddish Egret.  "Black" Osprey on corner of condo building

One other soaked to the skin walker.  This New Englander, now Florida
resident, enjoyed being out in the "weatha".

Marie Gonsalo
Fort Myers

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