I will be visiting central and south Florida for a week of birding and
photography (12/23 -- 12/30).  I have only birded Florida in winter once,
many years ago.  (I was raised in St. Pete, but didn't start birding until I
moved to California -- dumb, eh?)  I have birded Florida a number of times
in other seasons, so my main goal for this trip is to enjoy the birds that
work their way south in winter.  And maybe I'll finally get a nice photo of
a Short-tailed Hawk!

There is one nemesis bird for me down there.  I have hiked and bled my way
down Snake Bight Trail five time, but have yet to see a Flamingo.  I don't
have enough spare blood to do it again this trip, so I'm planning to go out
by boat with a fishing guide.  However, I have seen no reports of Flamingos
in that area in quite some time.  Is it that they have not been around, or
that nobody is looking?  I'd be very interested in any current information.


*     Martin Meyers
*     CSUS Computer Science Department
*     Sacramento and Truckee, CA
*     meyersm at

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