Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to respond to my RFI regarding
Flamingos.  The responses make me very optimistic that I'll finally get to
see one this trip!

My mother lived out her last 15  years or so in Ft. Lauderdale, and I had
the opportunity to visit fairly regularly (and chase a few birds while I was
there, of course).  Early in that period, the Spot-breasted Orioles were
easy to find in some areas around Miami, and I saw a number of them. I
haven't been able to find one in the past ten years, though.  And I've never
gotten a photograph.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a location where I might have a decent
chance of photographing one of these attractive exotics?  I remember a few
posts a while ago on this list, but nothing in quite some time.

Thanks in advance,


*     Martin Meyers
*     CSUS Computer Science Department
*     Sacramento and Truckee, CA
*     meyersm at

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