As Vince points out, information on wintering plovers is important. Piping
Plovers seen with (seemingly) metal bands on each leg are Canadian Maritime

"The banded Piping Plover also seen at Tigertail Beach on the same day
probably cannot be traced as it only sported two metallic bands. At one
time, there were probably color-coated bands as well but these evidently
have "fallen off" from wear. . . .


Vincent Lucas

The following is an email from Rosemary Vander Lee, who heads the Threatened
and Endangered Species Program for USACE in SD:

"Hi Robin,

Metal on both legs - would indicate a bird from Atlantic Canada.  Their
bi-color metal bands are fading, so there is a chance that all the color came off.
If you could contact the observer and see what kind of look they got.   They
may have seen some color...and possible the letters on the band."

Until recently, it was believed that Great Lakes Piping Plovers wintered
separately from the Canadian Maritime birds. We have found both on Key Biscayne
the past 4 years and obviously they mix on Florida's west coast also.

Robin Diaz
Key Biscayne, FL
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