Hi everybody,

For those of you who also read/subscribe to SWFLBirdline, it will come as no
news that Western Grebes  have been reported in Estero Bay first by Bill Jones
of Bonita Beach and then as a follow up by the Hamptons of Cape Coral.  Bill
reported seven (!!) when he was out kayaking.

Today from the Carl Johnson Boat Ramp across from Lover's Key State Park, at
approximately 2:30 pm, I saw over 200 Red Breasted Mergansers (both male and
female) and behind them one large Grebe (sp).  Rule out Red Necked due to its
striking black and white appearance.  The distance was far-the scope's
magnification was cranked up.  As usual, the Grebe was diving quite a bit-I only had
an opportunity to see it twice for a minute or two-but my heart was beating
ferociously fast as I watched it.  At that distance, it would take David Sibley
himself to diagnose the bird from the assortment of choices:
Western/Clark's/or hybrid.

From the boat ramp, look directly across the bay to the fishing camp on the
other side (it's the Weeks Fishing Camp in Estero off Coconut Road next to the
new Hyatt).  The Mergansers were in that general area and the Grebe was in
back of the Mergansers.  I left and when I returned at 4:00 pm, there was no
Grebe, but there was a Charlie Ewell (of Cape Coral).

No luck in finding the Avocets or Red-throated Loon that have also been
reported on/or around the Bay.  Two Common Loons did not a Red-throated make.

Marie Gonsalo
Ft. Myers

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