I have received word from a friend that Bob Parcelles, Jr., only 58, has
died.  I have talked with Bob several times and have known for some time
that  he had serious health issues, but like Eveready rabbit on TV, he just
kept on ticking. He was always in the best of spirits.  It is hard to
believe this has happened because he so energetically pursued his own vision
and he was quite young as those things go.

Bob was  the first poster on this list which I acknowledged in this post # 2

which followed:

He always liked to remind me that I couldn't have started without him.

Bob's signature tells more than I can say:

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
Ecologist/Ethologist, RJP Associates
CEO, PROactive Ecology Solutions Group (PESG)
Institute of Ecological and Environmental Studies (IEES)

I am posting this on behalf of those on FLORIDABIRDS with the hope that it
will be brought to the attention of Bob's family and loved ones to know that
Bob was admired for his work as an avian proponent, and to say he will be
sorely missed.

Barbara Passmore
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