I have posted Andrew Kratter's  photo of the probable Broad-billed
Hummingbird in Gainesville to :

Following is the message Andy Kratter wrote to accompany it:

"Attached is a photo of the probable Broad-billed Hummingbird, taken 21
December 2003 in Gainesville (Alachua Co.) by Andy Kratter.  If confirmed
it would be the first record for Florida.  It was first identified on 20
December and was seen at least to 23 December.  Although this photo is
poor, I would like any comments (posted to Florida Birds or to me
privately) on the identification of this bird.

"The homeowner asks not to be disturbed. The feeder is hanging from the
eavesat the front of the house and is in clear view of the street. Please
near the street and do not approach the house. Do not block driveways. DO

"Directions: Exit I-75 at SR-26(Newberry Road) and go east. You will pass
the Oaks Mall on your right. Not long after you've passed the mall, turn
left onto
NW60th Street (traffic light). Take your first right, which is NW13th Place,
and then turn right again on NW 58nd Terrace and stop at the second house on
your right. Again, please respect the homeowner's wishes and stay near the

"Hope it sticks around,  Andy"

Barbara Passmore

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