The MacGillivray's Warbler was present at its usual location in Tree Tops
Park in Davie, Fla. this morning.  Shortly before 8:00 it was calling from the
grass and weeds at the far end of the clearing (on your right as you
enter the clearing).  A few minutes later it stopped calling and flew into
the brush pile at the SW corner of the clearing.  It paused on the edge for a
second and then disappeared into the brush pile and was not seen
or heard again.

This clearing is used by park personnel as a dump site for plant material and
over the past 7-10 days much debris has been deposited on the edge
of this clearing and the bird has not been reported during this period
of time.  It does not appear that anything new has been dumped over
the past few days and, hopefully, the disturbances associated with
the dumping have ended for awhile and the bird will once again be
seen on a regular basis.

Wally George
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Ft. Lauderdale

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