I've been just skimming the bird list e-mails lately so I apologize if this
is a double posting.

A Tropical Kingbird has been found at the Pump House at Lake Apopka
Restoration Area. The bird has been in the same area for awhile.  For anyone
who would like to have a look Lorne Malo will be at the entrance gate on
Lust Road Friday morning (Dec 26) at 7:00am.  He will be closing the gate
after everyone has gone through so if you want to see the bird you will have
to be at the gate at 7:00am sharp, otherwise you will not get in. A Gray
Kingbird has also been seen in the area as well as a LeConte's Sparrow along
the side of Lust Road.

I will not be able to make the 7:00am entrance so will be shooting for a
10:00am appearance. If anyone would like to go in at that time Lorne agreed
to come and open the gate for me when I call him so if you are there around
10:00 you could come in at that time. Let me know if you want to do this so
I don't call him until everyone is there.

Cheri Pierce
Sorrento, FL
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