Hi all,

I continue to see 3 Rufous Hummingbirds in my neighborhood. The adult female
is a regular in the back left corner of my backyard (look for the 3 foot
Sheppard's hook with a feeder). An adult male Rufous has been sharing time
between the right side of my backyard, my front yard, and the neighbor's
front yard across the street. Unfortunately, he's not always seen and when
he is, it's only early in the morning. My neighbor still has the
green-backed adult male Rufous that was banded in November in her backyard.
I've also seen an occasional adult male Ruby-throat at the salvia and
firespike in my backyard outside my kitchen window.

The goldfinches are just beginning to show up in the yard. I had one or two
for the past couple of weeks. Three have been at my feeders for the past
couple of days. At least eight were there today. Over a dozen Chipping
sparrows are also using my feeders. Their numbers have been steadily
increasing. I'm watching for the return of last year's siskins (or something

Anyone interested in my birds is welcome to park out front and walk to the
backyard. My address is 1512 Meadowridge Drive in Valrico (east of Brandon -
Brandon is east of Tampa on SR-60). Meadowridge can be reached from
Lithia-Pinecrest Road or Valrico Rd south of SR-60. To reach my house from
Valrico Rd: Go south on Valrico Rd from SR-60 to Durant (through one light
to the first stop sign). Right on Durant to Meadowridge Drive (second left).
To 1512 on the right. I'm just reporting Rufous and Ruby-throats so far (no
Broad-billeds) but almost anything is possible. Please report any
interesting observations. I'm still waiting for a good freeze to kill the
neighbor's flowers to concentrate their unseen hummers at my feeders.

I have not received many hummer reports recently in response to my Web Page
(see my signature). Fred Bassett is scheduling a trip to central Florida in
mid-January to band hummers. If you have any hummers using feeders and would
like Fred to band them (or have any banding questions), please e-mail me at
[log in to unmask] or Fred at [log in to unmask] . We are looking for enough hummers
to make it worth Fred's time to make the trip.


Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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