>>Some birders have speculated that the Broad-billed and the Calliope are in
fact the same bird.<<

Based on what I saw Friday, I say, no way, Jose. The Broad-billed was WAY
too big! However, I might be willing to bet that the "Ruby-throat" reported
was, in fact, the Calliope - the "RTHU" , which I saw in addition to the
BBLH, had a spot in the middle of its throat, matching the pic of the female
Calliope at
and which I have never seen in any of the fem. RTHUs 'round these parts. SO,
armed with the new information, I'm sure that I saw the Calliope on Friday,
not a Ruby-throat (in addition to the Broad-billed, of course).

Off to amend my lists...

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
USDA Zone 8B - Sunset Zone 28 - Heat Zone 9
"Walk softly, and carry a big scope"

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