While not an urgent note on some great sighting, I did note something that may be
of interest to many on the group. While roaming through Port Charlotte's Town Center
Mall. I noted that Walden's Books had about 20 copies of the hard cover version
of the National Geographic Guide to Birds of North America on its clearance rack
for $7.99 ea. This is a great value (soft cover usually $22) for anyone wanting
a new field guide or to give as gifts to nature loving friends. They are the 3rd
edition (4th edition is now in print), but still very accurate as very few changes
were made between the 3rd and 4th eds. (main differences are that the range maps
were overhauled and there were revisions to reflect name changes brought about by
the most recent splits/lumps by the American Ornithologist Union (e.g. - now "Wilson's
Snipe" will still be called Common Snipe, etc.))

You may want to check your local Walden Books if interested.

Happy Holidays,

Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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