* Florida
* Statewide
* Date December 29, 2003
* FLFL0312.29

-Birds mentioned:
++BREWER'S SPARROW**++ (probable)

Snow Goose
Surf Scoter
Black Scoter
Rufous Hummingbird
Least Flycatcher
Nashville Warbler
Lark Sparrow
Clay-colored Sparrow

**This is a review species in Florida. Any details of sightings should be
sent to the FOS Records Committee at the address given at the end of this report

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compiler: Brian Ahern
transcriber: Same

This is Brian Ahern reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 12/29/03. This
report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers tours to the Dry
Tortugas, South Florida, private guiding. For information go to or call 407-363-1360. Reports are followed by coordinates
from the DeLorme Florida Atlas & Gazetteer and the page number of Bill Pranty's
ABA guide "A Birder's Guide to Florida" when possible.

A probable BREWER'S SPARROW has been present at Ft. Pickens, Escambia Co, FL
since September 24. It has been observed intermittently since that time, and
its identity has been debated with each observation. It was seen yesterday in a
bare bush next to (just west of) the last houses near the end of Ft. Pickens.
It was originally seen on the north side of the last live oak copse (locally
known as the 'jetty oaks') feeding on grass seed by a gravel path. It has also
been seen along (and from) the wall that runs east west south of Battery
Swearingen, toward the west end. A Brewer's Sparrow would be a first state record
and documentation is needed, so bring cameras. This bird has almost always
been found alone although there is a large flock of other Spizellas within 1/4
mile. A LARK SPARROW is still present inside the old fort as well as a
CLAY-COLORED SPARROW (both present for some weeks). (L. & B. Duncan).

On the 26th, four SNOW GEESE were found at the Waste Water Plant along Tram
Rd. (M. Hill).

On the 22nd three or four RUSTY BLACKBIRDS were found with Red-winged
Blackbirds in the wooded swamp along the road just past the info center of St. Marks
NWR (S. Barlow).

On the 28th an EARED GREBE was found on Quarantine Island. The bird was with
Ruddy Ducks in the westernmost pond. The island is located under the Napoleon
Bonaparte Broward (better known as the Dame's Point) bridge, in the St. John's
River. The bridge is located on SR 9A. Note that the island is only
accessible by boat (B. Ritcher).

The 1st year female BROAD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD continues to visit a feeder in
Gainesville. If accepted this will be a first record for Florida. The homeowner
asks not to be disturbed. The feeder is hanging from the eavesat on the front
of the house and is in clear view of the street. Please remain near the
street and do not approach the house. Do not block driveways. Directions: Exit I 75
at SR-26 (Newberry Road) and go east. You will pass the Oaks Mall on your
right. Not long after you've passed the mall, turn left onto NW60th Street
(traffic light). Take your first right, which is NW13th Place, and then turn right
again on NW 58nd Terrace and stop at the second house on your right. Again,
please respect the homeowner's wishes and stay near the street. On Sunday morning
an adult female CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD visiting the same feeder, was banded and
marked with a pink dot on the forehead (fide R. Rowan).

There were five SNOW GEESE seen at Viera Wetlands late Sunday morning. They
were near the northwest corner of the wetlands, where there is a stack of new
pallets n the fields (J. Dormer).

On the 21st a large flock of BLACK SCOTERS & 3 SURF SCOTERS were seen from
shore at the first parking lot along Canaveral National Seashore (A. Vinokur).

At least three RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS are visiting Steve Backes' yard. Anyone
interested in these birds is welcome to park out front and walk to the backyard.
His address is 1512 Meadowridge Drive in Valrico (east of Brandon - Brandon
is east of Tampa on SR-60). Meadowridge can be reached from Lithia-Pinecrest
Road or Valrico Rd south of SR-60. To reach my house from Valrico Rd: Go south
on Valrico Rd from SR-60 to Durant (through one light to the first stop sign).
Right on Durant to Meadowridge Drive (second left). To 1512 on the right.

The three SNOW GEESE (1 adult and 2 immature dark morphs) reported by Ron
Smith several weeks ago were seen today at the same general location to the SW of
the post office at Roosevelt Blvd. and 16th St.N in NE St. Pete. They were
south of the most southerly of three small ponds in a large grassy and hilly
area (former landfill)  just to the west of the cyclone fence along 16th St.N (B.

On Sunday a probable GROOVE-BILLED ANI was seen perched on telephone wires
along the Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island (V. McGrath).

The female MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER continues to be seen at Tree Tops Park in
Davie. Tree Tops Park is located on SW 100th Ave. (aka Nob Hill Rd) between
I-595 and Griffin Rd.  The address is 3900 SW 100th Ave, Davie, Fla.  There is
only one main road through this park and it terminates at a large parking lot
and administrative building.  After passing through the entrance station (no
charge for entry during the week - $1.00 charge on weekends) continue until you
reach a paved road on your right leading to a cluster of picnic pavillions
(this is before you reach the administrative building/parking lot).  Park at the
pavillions and on the opposite side of the road is a mowed area and beyond that
there are three equestrian trails leading into a brushy/weedy area.  The
middle trail is doubled and along this trail is where the bird was found (near the
end of the trail). It called frequently and allowed several minutes of study.
It was on the south side of the clearing at the end of the two track that is
being used as a brush dumping area.  The bird chipped a few times then hopped
briefly into the open on the large western-most brushpile about 50 feet to the
right of the road. To reach this park exit I-95 at I-595 and go west to Nob
Hill Rd. (SW 100 Ave).  Go south and the entrance to the park will be on the
left (east) side of the road. From Griffin Rd. proceed north on Nob Hill Rd. -
the entrance to the park is well marked

On Saturday morning a BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHER was found near the entrance to
the north parking lot of Matheson Hammock Park. The bird was heard calling
(D. Cunningham & all).

At Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP a NASHVILLE WARBLER was seen on the 21st &
23rd, and a LEAST FLYCATCHER was found on the 25th & 26th (R. Diaz).

 Good Birding!

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Lake Placid FL 33862.

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Brian Ahern
Tampa, FL.
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