Central Park Lake, eh? So, for those who are keeping score, here's the
Unofficial Guide to Southwood's Lakes, Ponds and Puddles:

Biggest lake: Central Park Lake.
Bald Cypress Way & Merchants Row: Gator Pond.
Between Schoolhouse Rd and Tram Rd: Kingfisher Pond.
Off of Biltmore Ave: Merganser Pond.
"Double Lake" behind Creative Child Care: Lake Goldeneye (East and West).

Of course there are a lot of other ponds which haven't had any noteworthy
sightings as of yet, and therefore have no names. For instance, the
retention area behind the new Publix needs a title. Feel free to submit

Aye, Rob, I'm lookin' up! Oh, look! Robins! ((splat!))

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
USDA Zone 8B - Sunset Zone 28 - Heat Zone 9
A weed is a plant that has mastered every
survival skill...except growing in rows.

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