Hi Noel and FLORIDABIRDers,

Indeed, curly-tailed ducks are male Mall-oids. Females don't have the
special 'do.

Although I haven't been down there lately and therefore haven't seen any yet
this year, I have seen wild Mallards, in fairly good numbers, at St Marks
every winter we've been here. (The Am. Black Ducks last winter were mixed in
with a flock of Brand X.)

A gentle reminder: 99.9% of domestic ducks are Mallard based. So terms such
as "Domestic/Mallard Hybrid" are incorrect. "Intergrade with domestic" would
be better, but for listing purposes - i.e., your CBC wants to get all the
feral birds too (as it should!) count the Pekins, Rouens (big, fat
greenheads) and other domestics as Mall-oids.

Domestic geese, on the other hand, are a whole 'nother kettle of worms...

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
USDA Zone 8B - Sunset Zone 28 - Heat Zone 9
The difference between the right word and
the almost-right word is really quite
important. It's the difference between the
lightning and the lightning-bug. -Mark Twain

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