I had an adult male Rufous in my Valrico yard this morning as well. It could
be that the green-backed male that was banded across the street
<> has finished
its molt or it could be a new bird. We had a rufous-backed adult male Rufous
for most of the month of October who disappeared shortly before the
green-backed one showed up. I'm hoping he's the first year male that was
banded in my yard last winter. In any case, it was good to hear the wing
sounds of a male Rufous in the yard again.

The female Rufous that was banded in my yard this year continues to be seen
(more often heard) as well as at least one young male Ruby-throat.
Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to observe the yard so I don't
know a guaranteed time to observe these birds. I believe early morning is
best but I've still walked the yard some mornings and haven't even heard a

Two Monk Parakeets have returned to the neighborhood this week. They are the
first parakeets in two years. Six Chipping Sparrows have been visiting my
feeders for the past two weeks. A female Brown-headed Cowbird may have been
a first for my yard (I know I've seen them at my neighbor's before). Still
waiting on the goldfinches.

Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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> Subject: [FLBIRDS] male Rufous hummer, 12/5
> I've had a gorgeous adult male Rufous hummingbirds coming to the
> flowers today (Pineapple Sage and Forsythia Sage). I haven't yet
> seen him at the feeders.
> This is the first hummer I've had in the yard since Nov. 3.
> --
> Fran C. Rutkovsky
> Tallahassee, FL
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