Hello again everybody,

Twice today, I had the pleasure of viewing a female Black Scoter off Fort
Myers Beach. I last saw her at approximately 4:30 pm.

When first viewed, she was on the Gulf (as you are walking South from the
Holiday Inn on the beach, you will see as the view opens up, a lagoon to your
left.  Behind the lagoon are a number of condo buildings.  There are two piers
belonging to the condo associations.  She was across from the first pier and
travelling north toward the Holiday Inn.)  When next seen (after I viewed the
shorebirds on the mudflats a bit South of the second pier and was walking North
on the beach back to my car), she was opposite the Cresciente and still
travelling North.

Quite a special surprise and a FOF (First of Florida) for me.  If anybody has
any questions, don't hesitate to email.  Unfortunately, I am tied up all day
tomorrow with a workshop I am attending so won't be able to look for her, but
might be able to get out Sunday for a bit to see if she is still around.

Good birding,

Marie Gonsalo
Fort Myers

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