Audubon Society of the Everglades held a scheduled walk at Wakodahatchee this morning.  Great birding as usual.  Highlights of the day were (in the order we saw them)

Baltimore Oriole (rare at this facility)
Blue-headed Vireo (rare here)
Many, many, many Green-winged Teal, never this many in previous years.
Northern Shovelers (4 in the south pond at the south end)
Northern Harrier
Greater Yellow-legs (2 together in the first pond, then possibly a different bird in the south pond)
Sora rail (one quick look, very unsatisfactory)

Lots of the expected birds were present as usual.  Great Blue Herons are nesting again.  Purple Gallinules are all down feeding at the water level with the moorhens and coots, probably because their favorite flowers are all dead.
Major misses were: the snipe and Red-winged blackbirds.  Still no Marsh Rabbits back yet, though no one has reported the Bobcats as being around anymore.

Finally, we had one coot that showed yellow in the top half of the shield and had some interesting white feathers making an eye-line, and one or two white feathers on top of its head, and no white that we could see in the tail.  None of the others had those white feathers around the eyes.  If you want to investigate interesting coots: it was in the north end of the pond where the Great Blues nest in the cypress on the island.  It was swimming just west of the boardwalk, maybe ten feet away from us, maybe 20-30 feet south of the berm.  (When the boardwalk splits, turn left-north, pass the cypress island on your left, then watch on the left as you get toward the berm).

have fun,
Linda Most
Palm Beach Gardens

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