A probable Brewer's Sparrow has been present at Ft. Pickens, Escambia Co, FL since September 24. It has been observed intermittently since that time, and it's identity has been debated with each observation. Yesterday it was seen well at close range by Bob Duncan who concluded it is probably a BREWER'S SPARROW, a first winter bird. [Lucy Duncan identified the original September bird as a juvenile Brewer's and sent her report in with fall records to the FOSRC.] It has since lost it's juvenile plumage (if indeed this is the same bird).

It was seen yesterday in a bare bush next to (just west of) the last houses near the end of Ft. Pickens. It was originally seen on the north side of the last live oak copse (locally known as the 'jetty oaks') feeding on grass seed by a gravel path. It has also been seen along (and from) the wall that runs east west south of Battery Swearingen, toward the west end. A Brewer's Sparrow would be a first state record and documentation is needed, so bring cameras. This bird has almost always been found alone although there is a large flock of other Spizellas within 1/4 mile.

A Lark Sparrow is still present inside the old fort as well as a Clay-colored Sparrow (both present for some weeks).

We will be on a CBC all day tomorrow (28th). Good luck. Let us hear from you if you see it/photograph it. 

Lucy and Bob Duncan
Gulf Breeze, FL

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