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Guy Hagen, Keith Hampton, Steven Corman, Chris McCarty, Martina Morris,
Valdis Krebs, Stan Wasserman all wrote today about the patents being
taken out
or applied for dealing with network analysis applications, packages,
etc. More than
one person argued that INSNA ought to send a letter to the US Patent
Office offering
expertise regarding network science issues relevant to these patents.
The concern
that one or more of these patents may prevent us from doing some of the
research we have been doing for several decades, using techniques we
have developed.

Would any of you like to form a working group to investigate this
situation in
more depth, to recommend what course of action is appropriate, and,
should INSNA
accept those recommendations, to assist in their implementation?

I'd like to go one step at a time. First, determine whether action needs
to be taken;
second, depending on the result of the first step, recommend what action
should be taken.

Comments?  Suggestions?

Any INSNA Legal Eagles out there?


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