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Version 1.2 of ORA is now available for download, on the CASOS website:

ORA is a social network analysis tool, that enables the user to
simultaneously reason about multiple networks connecting people,
knowledge, resources, and tasks (or events).  Both traditional and
dynamic network measures are included.  ORA can be used for risk
assessment to locate individuals that are potential risks to the group
or organization given one or more of the following relational or network
information - social, knowledge, resource and task/event network
information.  The GUI is used to set up organization(s) and perform two
broad functions-- run measures on the organization(s) and optimie the
organizational structure.

ORA 1.2 includes the following features--

    * a Plotting Tool to compare the values of two measures, belonging
      to the same / different organization.  This new feature also
      includes a regression line that is computed based on the values of
      the measures.
    * a Spreadsheet Editor that lets the user view/modify metamatrices
      after loading them into the interface.
    * a new look for the Measures Panel.  In order to make it more
      user-friendly, the measures have been grouped into the following
          o Measures by Risk Category
          o  Node Level Measures (in alphabetical order) and,
          o Graph Level Measures (in alphabetical order).
    * a simple instructions manual integrated into the interface.  A
      sample input file (embassy.xml) is provided on the aforementioned
      URL.  The manual guides the user thro the setup of the interface,
      for computing measures as well as optimizing a given organization.
    * In addition to NetworkViz, a version of JUNG has been integrated
      into the interface, for the purposes of visualization.

The executable and sample input and output files are available at:

Bug reports, questions, and more questions requesting additional
information should be directed to
Ram Murali ([log in to unmask])

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Systems--Carnegie Mellon University.
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CASOS brings together computer science, dynamic network analysis and the
empirical study of complex socio-technical systems.
Director:  Kathleen M. Carley

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