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Hi everyone. I put in a call to a friend of mine in the patent office.
He might be able to help us figure out the implications and a course of
action. I'll keep everyone posted.

Allen Tien wrote:
> The PTO unfortunately does grant patents without complete searches or
> knowledge of prior art, and perhaps one of their operating principles
> is that disputes can then be battled in court.  However that is costly
> and strongly biased in favor of corporations with lots of money.  One
> action that can be taken to help in this regard, and which is much
> easier than filing patents (which I agree that INSNA should also
> seriously consider), is to create an invention disclosure that
> documents the idea and the date of invention, since US patents are
> based upon date of invention rather than date of filing (as in Japan
> and elsewhere).  I attach an example of an invention disclosure
> (please feel free to use the form). The form should be signed and
> dated on each page by at least one and preferably several witnesses
> who are not relatives (pick younger people so they will,
> statistically, be around longer!).
> Allen
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